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Welcome to Restorative Health. Let’s make a positive change together.

Restorative Health offers mental health services, including depression treatment, substance abuse counseling, and psychiatric medication management to assist you in making favorable changes to your life. We want you to feel better, quicker, with longer-term outcomes.

Private, Confidential, Expert, Focused, Timely - Restorative Health meets all of these requirements. Using proven therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) we can help you make positive changes to your mental health and wellness.
Whether you’re struggling with depression, overwhelmed by increasing stress levels, or you’re being pulled in too many directions and want to reclaim your life,

Restorative Health will help you find solutions to your problems
and achieve results that matter to you.

Why Choose Restorative Health for Your Mental Health Needs?

Restorative Health provides timely, focused mental health treatment to busy people in the greater Bangor area. Our well-trained clinicians use proven, research-based treatments to help their clients achieve mental health and wellness in a discreet, professional setting designed to protect their confidentiality.

Conveniently located in Downtown Bangor, Restorative Health offers flexible hours and quick access to your first appointment. Our regular business hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday, but we know that the demands you face don’t always allow for a traditional appointment time. Restorative Health offers evening and early morning appointment times for mental health services to accommodate your hectic work and family schedule.

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