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About Us

Restorative Health was started in April 2013 by a group of professionals with a vision of commitment to providing clients quick access to mental health treatment with tangible results.

Restorative Health is a results-oriented mental health and wellness treatment center that provides results that matter to our patients in a Private, Confidential, Expert, Focused, and Timely manner. See Restorative Health’s Results for Yourself

We want to share the tangible differences that our mental health services have made in the lives of our clients.

Restorative Health Bangor graph on percentage of clients reporting improvement from Admission.

“I feel better and have less anxiety since starting with Restorative Health, which has helped me improve my relationships at work and at home.” –Restorative Health client

Restorative Health Bangor graph on percentage of improvement by session six.

Contact us today to get started making positive changes to your mental health and wellness.

“Restorative Health is a wonderful resource for my patients in primary care. I have seen amazing results from structured cognitive behavioral therapy interventions, and patients have often commented that they are impressed with the real difference the intervention at Restorative Health has on their recovery. I have great confidence in the providers to give quality care and communicate effectively and consistently with the referral source.”
– Referring Nurse Practitioner