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Michaele Potvin, LCSW | 12/26/17

The holiday season brings with it a mix of emotions ranging between joy and elation to stressed out. Wherever you land on the spectrum of holiday emotions, it is safe to say it can be an emotional time of year. There are those among us for whom this time of year brings sadness and can intensify grief. For those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, or loss of an important relationship, the holidays can be a painful reminder of happier times.

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Suzie Darling, LCSW | 12/26/17

Therapy or medication? This is a question many suffering with anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders must confront. While there is evidence that psychotherapy is more effective than medication in addressing some of these conditions, a combination of the two has been shown to produce better outcomes compared to each treatment alone. So, why are U.S. physicians prescribing medications for mental health conditions at rates that far exceed those in other countries?

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Heather Reid, LCSW | 10/06/17

As a therapist who bases my practice on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), I am especially interested in helping my clients develop healthier methods of managing the stressors of modern life. Mindfulness is one effective method.

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Michaele Potvin, LCSW | 08/25/17

Summer seems to be flying by, and for parents of school-age children it means looking ahead to the traditional, “getting the kids ready to go back to school” time of year. We all know there are clothes and supplies to buy and vacation plans to finish, but there are other things we as parents can do to help prepare our kids up for a successful school year.

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Brent Scobie, PhD, LCSW | 08/25/17

When I meet a client for the first time, I am always interested in how they located me among the many psychotherapists in the area. Under most circumstances (and to my disappointment) I am most frequently told that they found me by chance, usually on an insurance company list of approved providers, or through another of the myriad online resources designed to help people find therapists. I have learned over the years that finding a therapist can be difficult. Finding the “right” therapist for you is even more so. Listed below are some basic considerations and guidelines I would suggest for those seeking therapy, but who have not yet found a provider.

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