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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of getting mental health services via televideo?
You may struggle with transportation or feel uncomfortable going to a mental health center. You may just find it more convenient to receive services from home or office. Televideo treatment offers the same services that you would get at an office from the comfort and privacy of home.
This is not something I have heard about before. How established and secure is this?
We have many years of experience providing telemental health services for people in settings like emergency departments and medical offices. Now we are providing this to people in their homes. We only use tele-conferencing software that is well tested and properly encrypted to meet national privacy standards.
What do I need in order to participate in this service?
You will need the proper smart phone, tablet or computer and suitable internet bandwidth for tele-conferencing. Our office staff will pre-test the connection with you between your home and our office to ensure a quality experience. You will also want to consider being in a room that affords you proper privacy and freedom from interruption.
How is this service reimbursed?
Individuals covered by Cigna Insurance or Medicare's Next Gen plan are eligible to be reimbursed for telemental health services. EMHS Employee Medical Plan members receiving this service from Restorative Health will have coverage at the in-system level (employee share of charges will be a $25 copay - paid from the Health Reimbursement Account if funds are available). If you have a different plan, please check with your carrier. If your insurance provider does not cover this, you can pay for the service directly.