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Restorative Health's Photo Tour

Welcome to Restorative Health's Photo Tour. We are located in a wonderful space at Key Plaza, and we thought you might like to get a feel for the environment by seeing each of our therapists, and their offices. You can learn more about our therapists by reading their profiles 

Key Plaza
Key Plaza 1
Reception Desk
Sue Darling in her office
Sue Darling's office
Brittany Davis in her office
Brittany Davis' office
Brandy Gebo in her office
Brandy Gebo's office
Joye Jewell Hill in her office
Joye Jewell Hill's office
Denise Nickerson in her office
Denise Nickerson in her office
Heather Reid in her office
Heather Reid's Office
Shyla Yerxa in her office
Shyla Yerxa's office
Tina York's office